What do I look for?
I always look for new models to take picture of. Girls/woman/boys/men and couples from the age of 18 years to 45 years.
I think that everyone has the right to try something new. Even if you do not think about yourself as a model, please feel free to contact me to have your picture taken.
The most important for me is that you are happy with the pictures I take of you. I am so look that models has never been dissatisfied with the pictures I have taken of them.
When I take as many picture as I do of a model then there is always 20 pictures or more that are very good.

What kind of pictures?
You can have all your clothes on, bikini/underwear on or what you would like to have on. This will be op to you.

Please look under the bullet “References” and read some of my models statements and comments.

The payment is done by TFP/TFCD-principle (Time For Print/Time for CD). This means that you get some pictures on paper and a CD with the picture on, and I get the permission
to use the picture on my homepage and for exhibitions.
If you like the have the pictures all by yourself, then this will be possible to. Please just contact me by mail, and we can talk about it.

Where do I take the pictures?
Normally I take picture in my home in Ballerup, where I change a room into a studio.

How do the pictures get taken?
Before the model comes, we will agree about what kind of pictures we are going to take – what kind of clothes, make-up and accessories the model will bring to the studio. We will agree on witch payment the model will get.
A typical photo-session will take between 2˝ and 4 hours. The time depends on make-up and change of clothes.
We will sign a contract together and this will be signed before the photo-session starts, normally when the model arrives.
When this is done the model and I will take about the clothes, make-up, accessories and what kind of pictures we are going to take.
Under the photo-session we give ourselves good time and talks about everything. I do this because it is important to me that the model is having a good time while we are taking the picture and off course after the pictures is taken. I listen to the model, because I think that I can learn something from the model.
After the photo-session the model and I looks at the pictures and the model chooses which pictures the model likes. After approximately 2 weeks the model will get the chosen pictures on a CD by mail.

Identity card
The model has to bring identity card when I take pictures. The Identity card can be the passport, driving license or birth certificate or health insurance card.

I will always make a contract with a model before I take pictures of them. My contract is made so the model and I get something out of the photo-session.
If the model is under the age of 18 years, they have to have the parent written approval, and the parent has to sign the contract.

Please read the contract.
Pres here.

Now doubt that many people do not like having their picture taken. This is why I listen to the model and the model decides how the pictures are going to be taken and what to wear. It is important for me that the model feels secure and relaxed.

To a photo-session you have to bring:
3-4 different set of clothes. It is better to bring too many, than to have too little.
Make-up. A photo-session normally needs more make-up than you would take on during the day.
Accessories to the hair, also hair-drier and things like that
Accessories like belts, shoes, jewelers, hats and so on
Last but not least, please bring you good spirit

My photo equipment

Nikon D2Xs

Lens system:
Nikon AF-S DX 18/70 f/3.5-4.5G IF-ED
Nikon AF 50 f/1.8 D
Nikon AF 50 f/1.4 D

External flashes on top of the camera:
Nikon Speedlight SB-800 flash

External flashes:
2 stk. walimex 420

I would like to be model – then what?
Then please write a e-mail on: and send some lifelike portraits of yourself, a short description of yourself and describe what kind of pictures you would like to have taken.
I you have any questions then just write them as well.
Then I will contact you to make an agreement.

Best regards,
Digitalphotographer V/Ole Jensen