Good advice

Here is some good advice if you are going to have your photo taken by a photographer. If you have questions that are not answered on these sides, please feel free to contact me. See under the menu contact to see have.

What kind of cloth do I have to bring ?

When you choose your cloth, then it is important that you feel great in them, and that you like the cloth yourself. You have to bring a selection of cloth. Must people choose relaxed cloth, but then again some choose classic cloth, evening gown or a suit. Avoid blouses with short sleeve or strapless, because the upper arm can distract the photo – special with woman.

Boy or man:

For the traditionally photo it is good to choose a relaxed jacket or a sport jacket with tie. Light or dark blouses will bee good on a photo. For photos taken outside the relaxed cloth will be the best.

Girl or lady

Taken the cloth that you like the must. Light and mixed colours are the best. If you like at special kind of cloth, then it may be because you look nice in them, so take them with you. Light cloth is good if you like to have glamour’s photos taken, especially if you have light hair.


• If you want to put your hair up, then do it before you go to the photographer.
• If you want different ways to have your hair, the take the accessories with you.
• If you are using a hat or a hair clip then bring this to.


• Maybe you would like to have a great suntan, before you go to the photographer.
• If you want to have make-up on, then bring this to the photographer.
• Both boys and girls can use cover-up make-up, to cover the shining areas on the face.
• Remember to shave your legs and under your arms, before going to the photographer.

Cloth and shoes:

• Take cloth and shoes with you to the photographer, in different colours and types.
• Trousers with long legs – relaxed and elegant – tight and loosen.
• Skirt – long and short.
• Stocking, socks – long and short, and pantyhose if your photo is taken with naked legs.
• Blouses with long and short sleeves.
• Nice underwear if some of your cloth is transparent.
• Sports cloth and bathing suit.
• Jacket and cardigan.
• Belts, hats or a cap.
• Shoes and boots with different heel height.
• Bring a bathrobe if you are photographed in bathing suit or sow.


• Bring different kind of jewellery.
• Remember long and short jewellery, to fit the shape of the neckline.
• Soon glasses.

Other equipment:

• Instruments.
• Fluffy animals.
• Other hobby things.

Remember to bring cloth, shoes and jewellery’s that fit together, and with the colour of your skin.

When you are having your photo taken:
Always come to the photographer fresh and rested. You can see on the photos if you are tired and not in form.
Pack a back with cloth and your accessories, the evening before having your photo taken. Then the morning will be relaxed and you do not have to hurry.